Expert hands and master minds getting our lunch course decided,pairing with wines from,Good Drop,York,Virgin Hills,Pomona all from Nashik and fruit wines from Rhythm(Pune)

All,off the menu dishes, keeping AWCI national sentiments in mind, club principles in place,certified Exec.Chef,Aditya Hingne,trained from
Le Cordon Bleu , Sydney, has concentrated to offer his best at the special 72nd wine event of Apex Wine Club India.

Wine Adviser for the event,Nupur and her cooperative working executives, in full attention.Thanks, formidable team of Hippie @ Heart…you’ve extended all your supports to our humble event.Salute.

The menu

The session starts with Frizzano of Good Drop, sparkling.

2 non veg starters
> Salmon bites WINE – Sparkling wine
> Red wine braised lamb crackers WINE – Red wine

2 Veg starters with sparkling wine
> Grilled aubergine with sumac onions WINE – Red wine
> Pesto marinated Bocconcini WINE – Sparkling wine

Veg Salad
> Panzanella ; WINE – White wine

Main course with a bread basket
> Cottage cheese steak with romesco sauce ; WINE – White wine
> Chicken cacciatore WINE – Red wine

> Tiramisu
WINE – Fruit wine
(If felt needed,by wine adviser,slight change in wine order may change.)