Education and Training

At wine Information centre, vinchur, nashik industrial winery visit of MGV SPH CMT, (MSBTE DIPLOMA) CollegeπŸ‘πŸ»(*Dr.Neeraj,Nashik*)


A session quite unique may be 1st time in India ( series of Italian wines with north Indian food) get successful with combined efforts of all, sincere vote of thanks to them. Planning ahead to organize such more sessions, May be a new world or dessert wines session next time. Meet soon.

For internal circulation only amongst AWCI working group members.

Just for information, the formidable progress of Hyderabad Chapter in last around 2.5 years.

Result of,Leadership of National Chapter Head,Ambali, WSET2 and In ch of Edu.Training & Foreign Relations and Support of National. Advisers,Ashok(Dgp),Prabodh(Hyd),Deven(Mum),Ashish(Delhi).Gautam (Kol),Tina(Mum),Prerna(Mum),Sailesh(Mum),Mou(Jlp).

Registration till now

1.Ambali 2.Alok 3.Sidd 4.Maud 5.Prabodh 6.Saurabhi 7.Nayan 8.Melvin 9.Ananda Ghosh
10 Vani 11.Ritoja 12.Krishnachura B 13. Dilip Hiremath 14. Deepak Bhattacharya 15. Col. Jayakar 16. Mrs. Jayakar 17. Piyali Mukherji
18. Anya 19. Subhasree 20. Raj Vardhan 21. Lekha Sistha 22. Raj Samala 23. Ritu Samala
24. Shankar-fig wine 25. Murali – figvwine

AWCI members get a discount.

Plan to organize French wines session on 19th May at Roseate. Discounted fee for AWCI group members is 4500/- and Early bird fee for group members till 5th May is 4000/-. Please connect Ankit Gupta 9811300475.


Welcome to Cerana Meadry, where ancient recipes meet modern mischief! 🍯✨ Swirling, sniffing, and sipping our way with Dr. Ashwini Deore, we tasted a bit of sweet, spice, and everything nice πŸ˜‹

Ranging from light and crispy Jamun, floral Blue Pea to the festive oak aged Yule spice meads, Cerena has something for every palatte.

Next time you are visiting the wine capital of India, pop into the meadry or the fancy taproom, and make every moment un-bee-lievably sweet! πŸŽ‰ Cheers!

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Priyanshi Sharma,Delhi is the
3rd winner in 2nd and 2nd winner in 3rd WKContest of Apex Wine Academy,the educational and training wing of
Apex Wine Club India.
A distinctive role, the young contestant has already played.

Priyanshi is one of our youngest wine enthusiasts in the country.With determination in her eyes,Priyanshi has already in her tender age completed few wine courses
and acquired certificates of respect. She has been with her studies on wines and has started contributing articles in professional journals too.Bravo!! young lady.Wish you success almost the way.

Wine workshop at ITC Maurya Delhi. Rajesh

Wine training session at IIHM Delhi with COO and international sales head of duveu wines from was a joint session of Confused Brews and Duveu wines.Anuj Singh,Gurgaon