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5th Trade Fair and Conference for Beer, Wine and Spirits Production

CH Gurgaon,Sonali travelling to attend Kolkata event, Varsha with her husband from Coimbatore to Mumbai anniversary,Gautam from Kolkata to Goa,Ashok from Durgapur(WB) to Mumbai,Kolkata and Hyderabad,Rajinder,Deepak from Durgapue(WB), Probodh with family, from Hyderabad and Raynold from Goa, to Mumbai anniversary.
Not to miss Ramesh from Chennai to Mum anniversary and Bengaluru event or ChinmayaRaja from Chennai to Mumbai anniversary.Rahul,Dushyant and Mamata from Pune, Vaishnavi and her family from Badlapur(Maha) to Mumbai anniversary.

Such have been happening all over last 5.5years of club’s existence and growth.

AWCI is proud to be open armed and most receptive to anyone or organisation, doing good for the noble beverage, wine.