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With love from Mexico

Tequila, Mezcal and India-made agave spirits are fast catching the fascination of younger beverage consumers and imagination of bartenders. For a deep dive into the brands, their production, and trends emerging out of watering holes across India.


* New technologies for brewing and wines
* Cocktails from Ayurvedic heritage
* Footloose in Kumaon’s ‘green’ distillery
* India’s fist mead taproom in Nashik
* New drinks, master class & market reports

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Expert hands and master minds getting our lunch course

Expert hands and master minds getting our lunch course decided,pairing with wines from,Good Drop,York,Virgin Hills,Pomona all from Nashik and fruit wines from Rhythm(Pune)

All,off the menu dishes, keeping AWCI national sentiments in mind, club principles in place,certified Exec.Chef,Aditya Hingne,trained from
Le Cordon Bleu , Sydney, has concentrated to offer his best at the special 72nd wine event of Apex Wine Club India.

Wine Adviser for the event,Nupur and her cooperative working executives, in full attention.Thanks, formidable team of Hippie @ Heart…you’ve extended all your supports to our humble event.Salute.

The menu

The session starts with Frizzano of Good Drop, sparkling.

2 non veg starters
> Salmon bites WINE – Sparkling wine
> Red wine braised lamb crackers WINE – Red wine

2 Veg starters with sparkling wine
> Grilled aubergine with sumac onions WINE – Red wine
> Pesto marinated Bocconcini WINE – Sparkling wine

Veg Salad
> Panzanella ; WINE – White wine

Main course with a bread basket
> Cottage cheese steak with romesco sauce ; WINE – White wine
> Chicken cacciatore WINE – Red wine

> Tiramisu
WINE – Fruit wine
(If felt needed,by wine adviser,slight change in wine order may change.)

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Indian Wines bag Record Medals Sans Gold at IWC 2024 May 23

International Wine Challenge (IWC), one of the oldest wine competitions in the world, celebrating its 40th edition, announced yesterday the winners from 38 countries, with India bagging a record 11 medals though there was no Gold Medal, writes Subhash Arora who has judged at this competition in London in the past and feels the judging standards are genuinely high with layers of judges tasting and re-tasting constantly.
Co-chairs of International Wine Challenge courtesy IWC
Moet Hennessy won Bronze medal for Chandon Rosé Brut whereas Commended medals were won by Chandon Delice, Chandon Brut, Fratelli Gran Cuvee Selection and Sula Tropicale Brut that was the first Indian wine ever to score a Gold in IWC 2022, and were the bubblies that won 5 medals out of these 11 medals. Sula Brut, the old workhorse that Sula started making sparkling wines with Thomson grapes over 20 years ago but now claims to use Chenin Blanc, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc, won a Bronze, the 6th medal, making one believe that India was shaping up to be a good sparkling wine producer, with 55% of the Awards being in this category.
Dindori Reserve Chardonnay 2023 from Sula also won a Bronze as did The Source Grenache 2023; another one was bagged by Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon 2022.
The Source Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2023 and The Source Pinot Noir 2023 also bagged a Commended each. Thus Sula leads the pack with 3 Bronze and 3 Commended, followed by Chandon with 1 Bronze and 2 Commended medals, with Fratelli (1 Commended) and Big Banyan (1 Bronze) following.
IWC awards medals in 4 categories: Gold. Silver, Bronze and Commended, besides various trophies and top Awards in various categories.
India has been scoring better every year, crossing the IWC 2023 (8) and 2022 (6) when Sula Tropicale had won the first and only Gold Medal for India so far at IWC. There was no medal in 2021 perhaps due to non-participation because of Covid 19. In 2020 there were 5 medals with Fratelli in the lead (3), followed by Chandon (2).
Like in any international competition, it is a practice of IWS making the numbers of samples entered in the competition by a company public. Thus Sula may not send any samples, and Grover Vineyards may win 10 medals. Conversely, If Sula has won 6 medals this year and Grover none, it does not mean none of the Grover wine samples made it to the medals list. Perhaps it did not partake in the competition. Similarly, a boutique winery may not choose to or may not be able to afford to pay for the charges (usually over 100 Euros/Pounds each) and the government does not subsidize as they do in many countries.
The Competition is co-chaired by 6 eminent wine experts having years of tasting and judging experience. Tim Atkin MW, Sam Caporn MW, Oz Clarke, Dr. Jamie Goode, Peter McCombie MW, and Helen McGinn meticulously taste each and every wine that has been entered into the competition. For the complete List of Judges, click
While France, Australia and Spain remained top of the medal table, followed by Portugal and Italy, niche wine producing countries England, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Romania, Ukraine and India all saw an increase in the number of medals awarded.
The full list of medal and trophy winners in the 2024 International Wine Challenge can be viewed at
France continued its winning streak, winning the highest number of medals in each category with 72 Gold, 394 Silver and 455 Bronze; an increase of 84 more medals than last year. Australia continued its streak as the top new world country in terms of medals with 54 Gold, 250 Silver and 154 Bronze ranking it in 2nd place behind France.
Spain won 34 Gold medals, 207 Silver and 215 Bronze. Portugal too increased its medal count, winning 33 Gold, 175 Silver and 195 Bronze, ranking in 4th place on the medal table. Portugal won 11 trophies for its fortified wine as well, Italy won 337 medals in 5th place.
Winners were informed individually on 16 May, 2024.
Subhash Arora

Thanks,Ahuja,Mumbai,for the upload.

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We are proud associated with Apex Wine Club.

Wine Club Durgapur,(WB)
Wine Soc.Hyderabad
Wine Soc.Coimbatore
Radio Wine Club,Mumbai
Akola Wine Club,Akola(Maha)

All are welcome to add to our joint strength, to help the noble beverage attain it’s right place in India.
Needless to say, also to broaden privileges and reach of our individual members.

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from ChatGPT 3:- ChatGPT
Apex Wine Club India (AWCI) is an elite wine subscription service tailored to wine aficionados in India. It aims to provide its members with access to premium wines from around the globe, along with a range of exclusive benefits and experiences. Here’s a detailed overview of what AWCI offers:

Features and Benefits

1. Curated Wine Selections:
o Premium Quality: Each month, members receive a carefully curated selection of premium wines. These wines are chosen from top vineyards and are known for their quality and uniqueness.
o Diverse Varieties: The selection spans a wide array of wine types, including red, white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines, allowing members to explore different tastes and styles.
2. Educational Resources:
o Tasting Notes: Each wine comes with detailed tasting notes, providing insights into the wine’s flavor profile, aroma, and background.
o Pairing Suggestions: Members receive recommendations on food pairings to enhance their wine tasting experience.
o Wine Education: Access to educational content about wine regions, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, and more, helping members deepen their wine knowledge.
3. Exclusive Events:
o Wine Tastings: Invitations to exclusive wine tasting events where members can sample a variety of wines and learn from sommeliers and wine experts.
o Wine Dinners: Special dinners that feature curated wine and food pairings, offering a gourmet experience.
o Networking Opportunities: Events provide a platform for members to meet and network with fellow wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.
4. Special Discounts and Offers:
o Member Pricing: Exclusive discounts on wine purchases for members, often at prices lower than retail.
o Promotions: Access to special promotions and limited-time offers on select wines and wine-related products.
5. Convenient Delivery:
o Home Delivery: Wines are delivered directly to members’ doorsteps, ensuring convenience and ease of access.
o Flexible Plans: Members can choose from different subscription plans based on their preferences and budget, with options for monthly, quarterly, or annual deliveries.
6. Personalized Experience:
o Tailored Selections: Some subscription plans offer personalized wine selections based on members’ taste preferences and past feedback.
o Customizable Plans: Members can customize their subscription plans to suit their specific tastes and interests.

Membership Plans

AWCI typically offers various membership tiers to cater to different levels of wine enthusiasts:
• Standard Membership: Includes a basic selection of wines and access to general events and discounts.
• Premium Membership: Offers a more exclusive selection of high-end wines, additional educational content, and invitations to premium events.
• Elite Membership: Tailored for serious wine connoisseurs, this plan includes rare and exclusive wines, personalized service, and invitations to ultra-exclusive events.

Founders and Vision

AWCI was founded by Sid Banerjee and Hansraj Ahuja. Hansraj Ahuja, with his extensive experience in wine marketing and knowledge about wine tasting, has been a pillar of strength for the expansion and success of AWCI. His flair for writing and passion for wine have significantly contributed to the club’s reputation and growth.

Contributions of Hansraj Ahuja

• Wine Tasting Sessions: Mr. Ahuja has conducted many wine tasting sessions for members, which have been highly appreciated for their depth and educational value.
• Authorship: He is also the author of the book “Grape To Glass,” which provides insights into the journey of wine from the vineyard to the consumer, further establishing his expertise and influence in the wine industry.

Community and Engagement

• Wine Community: AWCI fosters a vibrant community of wine enthusiasts who share a passion for exploring and enjoying fine wines.
• Engagement: The club regularly engages its members through newsletters, social media, and events, keeping them informed and connected.


Apex Wine Club India is more than just a wine subscription service; it’s a gateway to a world of fine wines and a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you’re a novice wine drinker or a seasoned connoisseur, AWCI offers an enriching and enjoyable wine experience, combining the convenience of home delivery with the excitement of discovering new and exceptional wines. The leadership and vision of founders Sid Banerjee and Hansraj Ahuja continue to drive the club’s success, making it a premier destination for wine lovers in India. Courtesy,Ahuja,Mumbai

Cheers!! And takes us to be more dutiful towards its continuous popularity and growth, horizontal and vertical.
Thanks to AI, ChatGPT acknowledges the growth of AWCI and impact it is making is the expansion of knowledge about wine and drawing more and more members.

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Grover Riesling 2020

The summer heat was at its peak, deterring all but the most daring from venturing outdoors. However, an invitation to celebrate a friend’s 61st birthday with a cool drink proved too tempting to resist.
The evening unfolded into a delightful adventure filled with banter and laughter. The wine of choice was a 2020 Grover Riesling. Despite my initial hesitation about the vintage, the well-kept bottle, shielded from sunlight and prying eyes, did not disappoint.
The Riesling was perfect, defying its age much like my friend. It boasted a floral bouquet and crisp acidity, balanced beautifully by a mild sweetness. Accompanying the wine was grilled paneer served with slices of tomato. The tomatoes added a touch of acidity, while the soft, succulent paneer provided a smooth, firm texture and creaminess that perfectly countered the sharpness of wine.
As the wine bottle emptied and the food was savoured, the oppressive heat gradually faded into the background, leaving behind the blissful contentment of a well-spent evening.

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World Wine Day: 4 Indian wines gaining popularity Internationally

The Indian wine industry is gaining global recognition with top wineries like Sula Vineyards, Monica Alcobev, and Moet Hennessy Producing award-winning wines. These brands are setting high standards for quality and innovation, contributing to the industry’s international success.

The Indian wine industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation, with a growing number of wineries producing high-quality wines that are gaining international acclaim. The global wine market is beginning to recognize the potential of Indian wines, and several labels are making significant strides on the world stage.

As we move ahead, several trends reports have cited that Indian wineries are investing in modern technology and innovative techniques to enhance the quality of their wines.

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Sula’s RASA Cabernet Sauvignon bags India’s First Gold at Global Masters

Sula Vineyards, India’s leading wine producer, is delighted to announce that its flagship RASA Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 has been awarded a prestigious Gold Medal at the Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters 2024. This award marks the first time an Indian wine has received a gold medal at the Global Masters Awards in any category, heralding a significant milestone in the evolution of Indian winemaking on the global stage. The competition, organized by the UK-based Drinks Business magazine, employs a rigorous blind-tasting format judged by a panel of the most esteemed judges in the industry.

Rajeev Samant, Founder and CEO of Sula Vineyards, shared his deep pride in this landmark achievement, stating, “Receiving this gold medal for our flagship wine during Sula’s 25th anniversary year is deeply symbolic. It reaffirms our evolution from humble beginnings to an internationally recognized brand. This honor at the 2024 Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters confirms that Sula is crafting world-class wines that excel on the global stage, further motivating us to continue innovating and excelling.”

The RASA Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 is crafted from the highest quality grapes and features a deep ruby color, with complex aromas of blackcurrant, cedar, and a hint of spice. The palate unfolds with layers of ripe fruit, seamless oak integration, and a velvety texture, culminating in a long, satisfying finish.

The RASA series, which includes the Gold Medal-winning RASA Cabernet Sauvignon, the RASA Syrah, and the RASA Zinfandel, represents the pinnacle of red winemaking in India. Each wine in this series is crafted with the utmost care and stands as a testament to the excellence and sophistication of Indian viticulture and wine making.

Proudly Indian, Sula Vineyards is dedicated to showcasing India’s potential as a world-class wine-producing nation. This recognition at the Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters not only emphasizes the growing stature of Indian wines internationally but also underscores Sula’s commitment to producing wines that achieve global acclaim.

Website Content :

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GREAT NEWS …almost a breaking news.

As advised, and encouraged by our Sr.Chapter Head,Delhi and National Adviser,Social Media,Ashish Sharma, the Wine Knowledge Contest headed by Ambali Bhattacharya,National Chapter Head, Chief,Edu.&Training,Adviser,Foreign Relations, AWCI,
assisted by Prabodh, Dir.Admin&IT,Hyderabad and Ashok, Ch.National Coordinator, Durgapur,WB, is now open to all nationwide.

The contest got launched in Hyderabad,at the 68th AWCI wine event on Sat.20th April,as part of our mission,Education and Training,shall be now open for online participation too, for any wine lover from any part of India.

1st WKC took place in Hyderabad,20th April,2nd one in Pune,5th May and

now WKC 3 is at sharp 615pm on Sat.18th.May at Kolkata event.

Study materials shall be sent to all registered wine lovers from any part of country soon they register.

Qs shall be handed over sharp at 615pm at the Kolkata session also shall be sent by Wapp to registered ONLINE candidates right at 615pm.
Within 10 ms replies should be sent back for judging.

Results shall be announced by 650pm, same day.

Participants’ Certificate shall be offered to all.

Prizes to winners,1st and 2nd shall be sent to home addresses.

To register Pl transfer Rs.400 (Rs.320 for Members,Rs.200 for students)to 9821283932,Tina Banerji.


WKC 3 at Kolkata ,Pl register by 18th May mid day 12

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Online Training on Successful Business in Wine Industry

🍇🍏From fruits to Gold: Crafting a Prosperous Wine Business🍇🍏

Date : 25th May 2024
Time : 12 noon to 2 pm
Mode : Online
Fees : Rs.499/- only

⚠️First comes, first entry (Limited seats)

  • Industry insights
  • Strategic planning
  • ⁠Manufacturing Process
  • ⁠Equipment and Licensing
  • Market Positioning
  • Quality Assurance
  • ⁠Recipes So what are you waiting for?!?
    Register now with the link below:
    Share it with your friends and wine enthusiasts!

Contact us at-
Phone number -85919 60936

Note: Session link will be sent after we get the confirmation.

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